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How we can help you.

Embark on your personalised journey to holistic well-being with Grit and Gratitude. We understand that each individual's path to mental and emotional health is unique. Our empathetic team is here to guide you, offering tailored support in a safe and inclusive environment. Whether you're new to emotional wellness or looking to deepen your journey, we create a space where you can truly thrive.

In person

We are based in Karratha in Australia's Northwest. If you live or work in the Pilbara region, we can support you in person.

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Get straight to the point with DirectLine, our 60-minute personalised phone therapy sessions. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, this flexible option allows you to focus on your most pressing issues, wherever you're comfortable.

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Contact us to learn if we are the right service for you.

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Person Centred

Working from a person centred approach means that you are the one in control. We believe that you are the one that knows what is best for you and our role is to support you along the journey.

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Counselling can be used as the weapon against mental health challenges, but you have to put the shield down first. Our logo was created with a shield in mind. Representing the first challenge many men face towards improved mental health.

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We set goals and create accountability so that you develop the grit you need to thrive in life.

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One of the hardest questions to ask is "who am I?". We will support you to understand you and create a new set of rules that align with your values.

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Our emotions help to guide and motivate us in our life's daily decision making processes. A lot of what we decide to do daily is motivated by a desire to change or maintain our emotional state.

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When we begin to really notice the positives in our world, we begin to feel alive and in a state of good well-being. Gratitude is a resource we use to move you into a healthy mind.

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You will begin to take complete ownership of your life to the point where you are in control of it. Because we know that when you are in control of your internal thoughts, emotions and decisions, you create the change in your world as a direct result.

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Pilbara Crew

If you're based in or work FIFO in the Pilbara then you can mix up the approach that serves you best. It's possible to have a combination of virtual and in person sessions throughout your journey with us. 


Unlock your full potential with personalised coaching and counselling that elevates your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our Services Tailored For You

Step Into Wellness

Discover the profound effects of blending physical movement with emotional exploration. Our "Step Into Wellness" sessions combine the healing powers of nature and talk therapy. During a 90-minute walk, you'll uncover deeper layers of your psyche, all while absorbing the tranquility of the natural world. Ideal for those seeking solace and clarity in a dynamic setting.

Coffee and Clarity

Break through mental fog and find your clarity over a cup of coffee. With "Coffee and Clarity," you enjoy a 60-minute informal chat in a relaxed café setting. This allows you to open up about your concerns and aspirations while savoring your favorite brew. It's all about easy conversations that lead to meaningful insights.


Time-crunched but need a quick mental refresh? "FastTalk" offers 20-minute support calls designed for immediate relief and guidance. These sessions give you the chance to vent, seek advice, or gain quick insights, making it the perfect choice for busy individuals needing prompt attention.

The Strategy Room

Sometimes, the best breakthroughs happen in a dedicated space. Enter "The Strategy Room," a 60-minute in-office session designed to tackle your challenges head-on. Here, you'll find a confidential and focused environment, empowering you to dive deep into the issues that matter most to you.

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